Banquet Hall Contract

Lou and Michelle’s
at Mystic Oak Golf Course
Banquet Center
643 Ridge Road
Waterloo, IL 62298
(618) 593-1418

Banquet Policies & Procedures
The following policies explain the basic guidelines for LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) and will assist you in the planning stages of your event.  Specific details pertaining to menu selections, room and table arrangements, and other matters will be discussed and established prior to the event.  Every effort will be made by the Staff and Management of LMbries (Lou and Michelle’s) to ensure a successful event.  A well planned and successful event requires review of the following polices.

  1. ROOM RENTAL CHARGES: Room rental is $250.00  (5 hour limit)
  1. ADVANCE PAYMENT: For all general events, a deposit of $250.00 shall be paid to LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) at the time of signing the contract.  We require full payment of the estimated total number of guests ten (10) days prior to the function date.  Confirmation of the final number of guests is required seven (5) days prior to the function date.  If the required final number of guest count is not received, the estimated total number will be used.  Charges will be based on estimated, final, or actual number served, whichever is larger.  Any remaining balance is due in full at the conclusion of the event.
  1. CANCELLATION POLICY: The agreement may be cancelled three (3) months prior to the function and all but $100.00 will be refunded.  If event is cancelled under (3) months no deposit will be refunded.
  1. FOOD AND BEVERAGE: LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) must provide all food and beverage, with the exception of the Wedding Cake.
  1. PREVAILING LAWS: All Federal, State, and Local laws with regard to food and beverage purchase and consumption are strictly adhered to.  LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) reserves the right to inspect and regulate all private meetings, banquets, and receptions in accordance with established policies and laws.
  1. SERVICE CHARGES AND SALES TAX: An eighteen percent (18%) service charge will be applied to all food and beverage revenue.  The seven percent (7%) sales tax (or current tax rate) will be applied to all food charges.
  1. SERVICE FEES: One (1) service staff are included in the hall rental for a total of three (3) hours, over 3 hours will be at the cost of the party.  One (1) Bartender is included for (6hrs 1/2hr before doors open and 1/2hr after event is over) over that is at the cost of the party at $12.00 an hour.   One (1) Service Staff  is included.  If two (2) is needed the extra staff is at the cost of the party at $12.00 per hour.
  1. CONDUCT: The host is responsible for the conduct of all persons in attendance and for any damages incurred upon LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) or its guests by individuals associated with or representing the group’s organization.
  1. SMOKING: Smoking is only allowed outside the premises.
  1. LIQUOR SERVICE: Open Bar:  All charges incurred in relation to bar sales will be the responsibility of the group or individual hosting the event.  LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) facility reserves the right to refuse service to any minor, or person who cannot provide proof of age, per Illinois State law.  LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s), at its own discretion, may discontinue beverage service if Illinois laws are not obeyed. (IF UNDER AGE GUESTS ARE DRINKING THE EVENT IS CANCELLED)
  1. ACT OF GOD: If, for reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to, labor strikes, accidents, government restrictions or regulation on travel, acts of war or acts of god, LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) is unable to perform its obligations, then such non-performance is excused with no other liability upon return of deposit.  In no event shall LMbries (Lou & Michelle’s) be liable for consequential damages for any reason whatsoever.
  1. DECORATING: Decorating the Ballroom prior to the event shall be discussed and arrangements will be made to let you in the premises.
  1. FORMS OF PAYMENT: Payment shall be in the form of a check, cash or credit card.  Credit Card payments will have an additional two percent (3%) added to the final bill.


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